It seems to me that your average Western individual believes in small portions of low fat food, with nary a calorie, in order to lose or maintain a healthy weight. I have been personally participating in a way of eating that has allowed me to lose over 140 lbs, while eating foods that feel rich, filling and opulent. In no way, shape or form does this way of eating feel like a diet, nor does it jive with “conventional wisdom”.

This “Bacon Wrapped ‘Meat Lover’s Pizza’ Stuffed Chicken Breast” recipe is one of those borderline outlandish recipes that feels like junk food and tastes like “weight gain”, but … somehow … it’s not! Based on the rules of a low carb way of eating, this recipe is well within its boundaries.

It’s a bit difficult to make, due to the thin sheet of chicken breast that needs made, but once you’ve got the chicken, the rest is quite simple. Just add your ingredients, roll it, wrap it in bacon, add it to a hot pan and … bake!

It is … phenomenal.

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