About Us


The Malek family opened “NY PIZZA GARDEN” in 2000’s, after moving from New York to Fishers Indiana. NY PIZZA GARDEN was a fine dining establishment that featured Malek family recipes passed down through generations, updated with a modern sensibility.

His dad’s phrase was: “If you can’t make it fresh, don’t serve it! In the early 2000′s, Malek opened up his first PIZZA restaurant in Fishers Indiana, called “NY PIZZA GARDEN.”

He knew that great New York-style pizza could be made anywhere by using quality ingredients, his family recipes, and a whole lot of passion.

Using his culinary experience, he was able to blend the simplicity of the pizzeria with the freshness of the upscale Italian restaurant. It was at this time that the New York Pizzeria concept started to materialize. Anthony’s was able to serve high-quality food while providing a quick and casual dining experience.

The New York Pizzeria concept was introduced in 1992 in the Houston market in an area where most customers were from New York City, so they truly appreciated the New York pizza style, giant slices, and calzones in Texas.

Anthony also quickly gained recognition for his fresh Italian food and his affordable prices.

Later, Anthony expanded the New York Pizzeria concept into a franchise model. This is when the franchising business started. In 2008, Russo’s created a second restaurant concept called “Russo’s Coal-Fired Pizzeria,” which is also available as a franchise opportunity. Today Russo’s has over 30 locations, from Hawaii to Dubai. The Russo’s franchise concept has been launched nationally and internationally. Even as our franchise empire continues to expand, Anthony has always stayed grounded to his roots. He truly believes that freshness and quality are his standards for success.